Photo Frame Show - Pricing (Basic/Pro Account and Frame Credits)

A  Basic  account allows you to frame your favorite photos or create personalized e-cards for free, with a soft watermark applied on frames.

A  Pro  account removes the watermark restriction on a collection of 300 frames and more!
("Licensed" frames of Pro account are watermark-free)


Basic Account

Never expires


Pro Account

$29.95   $19.95
Time-Limited Offer

FREE with trialpay!

Send personalized e-cards through our FREE Photo Frame Show E-Cards service. yes yes
Select the frames you want and embed your own, fully customized, E-cards service to your pages/blogs/websites.                more yes yes
Add frames to your 'Favorites' for quick access. yes yes

Download and use the Desktop Appplication to easily:

- frame multiple photos and export framed photo compositions as new images
("AIR" version)

- blend your framed photos with your desktop and create fully personalized wallpapers
("Standard" version)

(with soft watermark
applied to all frames)

(with no watermark applied to
300 gift frames

plus your purchased "licensed" ones)

Get licenses for 300 non-watermarked frames for free by purchasing a Pro Account.
(an approximate implicit value of $300)

(view the 300 gift frames licensed for free when purchasing a Pro Account)
Purchase and consume extra credits to download additional non-watermarked frames of your choice. See pricing structure for extra credits below. yes

Benefit from the 100 free credits granted upon creation of your Pro account and start consuming them by choosing up to 5 frames (non-watermark) to download for free.


No ads are shown when browsing frames within the AIR Desktop Application




Purchasing credits (for a Pro Account) allows you to download selected frames from the Frame Gallery to your Photo Frame Show Desktop Application. 20 credits cost $1 (USD).

Every frame is assigned an amount of credits (see Frame Gallery). When you download a frame your total purchased credits are reduced by this amount. Frames previously downloaded will not reduce your purchased credits.

Frames you download are Non-Watermarked, Web Resolution, Royalty Free.   licensing terms

Base Credits + Bonus Credits = Total Credits Price (USD) Estimated Frames*
100 free credits 0 100 free credits FREE upon purchase
of a Pro account
300 credits 0 300 credits $15 15, as low as
600 credits 80 (13%) 680 credits $29.95 34, as low as
1000 credits 200 (20%) 1200 credits $49.95 60, as low as
2000 credits 500 (25%) 2500 credits $99.95 125, as low as
4000 credits 1200 (30%) 5200 credits $199.95 260, as low as
4000+ credits (30%) 5200+ credits contact us  

* Estimated frames may be less (or more) depending on the actual credit cost assigned to each frame.

If you do not have a Basic or Pro account, click on the above button to purchase a Pro account along with the credits you want.
If you have a Pro account, login first and then click the above button (so that the purchased credits are automatically applied to your Pro account).

If you have a Basic account, login first and then click the above button (so that both the purchased credits and the "Pro Upgrade" are automatically applied to your existing account).

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